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Learning should be fun and enjoyable! My teaching approach is always adapted to suit the age, ability, aims and interests of the individual student. I use a variety of resources including games, videos, exercises, flashcards, actions, sounds, conversation.....
General English - Kids & Adults
£20 (GBP) per hour / £10 (GBP) per ½ hour

Improve all your English language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and language in use (grammar and vocabulary).


Beginners: Learn to introduce yourself, have a conversation, read and spell in English!

Intermediate: Learn to read, listen, write and speak about all your favourite things!

Advanced: Learn to speak like a native!


Please message me for more information.

Exam English (IELTS/ TOEFL/
TOEIC/ Cambridge/ GMAT...)
£20 (GBP) per hour / £10 (GBP) per ½ hour

Get the score you need!


In this course you will learn tools and techniques for each section that will dramatically increase your score. As well as, improving your speaking, writing, reading, listening and language-in-use (grammar and vocabulary) skills. You will also receive lots of practice and feedback.


Please message me for more information.

Business English
£20 (GBP) per hour / £10 (GBP) per ½ hour

General business English learning and also learning that fits your business and professional needs.  Every course is tailored to each student.


Example topics include:

  • CV checking and advice

  • Interview preparation

  • Presentation improvement and practice

  • Meetings and conference call roleplays

  • Formal and informal communication.


Please message me for more information.

Lessons take place online via Skype/ Hangouts/ Zoom or in your own home.