Young Learners

- Kirsty's lessons are so fun because she is so kind to teach and I can understand. Also my speaking is so much better by Kirsty. When I go to a speaking contest, I got a good prize, like A+, and so I'm happy. I like Kirsty and English!!! (Angela, Seoul, South Korea)

- Ha tenido mucha paciencia conmigo, por que debido a mi timidez me cuesta mucho hablar y sobre todo en inglés (Mariche, Toledo, Spain)

很好的老师。准备很充足,方法很好,有耐心。 (Anna Wang, Changsha, China)

- I like lessons with Kirsty because she is a very good teacher and friend!!!! (Pelageia, Moscow, Russia)

Adult Learners

- I met great teacher who teach with clear rules, direction and easier method to improve English fluency. I enjoy with the lesson and motivated to learn English more and more. (Tri Wahono, Pekanbaru, Indonesia)

- In this lesson Kirsty corrected my homework about phrasal verbs and then justly the class took a Christmassy aspect, I learnt new words and I saw different habits of celebrating it but overall we did some exercises that gave me the possibility to improve the language comprehension. (Davide, Belluno, Italy)

- I thought Kirsty is a very responsible teacher,she is really nice and professional. If you are finding a English teacher, getting in touch with her would be a wise choice (Amber, Beijing, China)

- Kirsty is very professional teacher and very interesting person. She spoke slowly and clearly, and I understood her well.This lesson was very useful for me. (Elvira, Moscow, Russia)

-  è stata una lezione di prova in cui abbiamo testato il mio livello di inglese usando la conversazione e in cui ci siamo prefissate degli obbiettivi da raggiungere. Kirsty è molto seria e disponibile, ha una pronuncia chiara e segue i ritmi di chi ha difronte. (Fransesca Riva, Milan, Italy)

- I think she is a very good teacher. Maintains an entertaining, fun and productive conversation all the time. (Miguel, Spain)


Exam English Learners

- She is responsible and very familiar with IELTS. Giving helpful tips benefits me in the test. Perfect course and lovely tutor. Good course and I am more confident to speak English. (Rita, Wuhan, China)

- Have a good session for writing part.To familiarize the marking scheme is an instructive strategy.Looking forward to next session.:) (Shi Chang Xu, China)

-  I want to say it is a quite effective lesson and very useful to the IELTS exam. Today, Kirsty helped me go through another reading practice paper, find the weakness and improve some of the strategies. Also, Kirsty marked my writing practice of Task1,Paper4. (Gong Ting, Beijing, China)

- In the lesson we went over the homework on writing part of IELTS exam. Kirsty corrected some semantic and grammar mistakes in the letter and the essay that I wrote. My feeling is that I got much better in my writing skills. (Boris, Petah Tiqwa, Israel)

Today Kirsty gave me some tips on part 3 and some linking words to study. The PEE is very useful. The lesson was great! (Huang Li, Ningbo, China)


Business English Learners

- Kirsty helped me to prepare my interview. I will try to observe more and organise my opinions in my mind before I speak, thank you so much :) (Cathy Lo, Hong Kong)

- the class was very good ! Kirsty is a very good teacher ! Thank you very much. (Sophie, Paris, France)

- The lesson was really lively! Kirsty, thank you a lot! (Ekaterina, Moscow, Russia)

- It can be quite difficult to understand academic words sometimes, but the class was priceless. I think I need to be exposed academic vocab more. Thank you! (Jae Hoon Lee, Seoul, South Korea)

- Kirsty helped me to prepare for the business meeting. She's a great teacher! (Kristina, Moscow, Russia)

- Kirsty is a very good teacher. I need to get ready for job interviews and she helps me to practice how to prepare them. Firstly we had a general conversation that was very nice because it was about typical questions to start a conversation. Then we focused on job interview and she taught me a very useful technique for preparing job interviews. (Marta, Milan, Italy)

Cv review great. Insightful writing tips. Great tips. Reading. Kirsty thanks for everthing. (Daniel, Bogota, Colombia)